The Gomeroi invite you to sacred Emu ceremony


The Gomeroi elders and other Gomeroi people of the local community would like to invite everyone to a sacred ceremony to be held in the Leard State Forest 15th February 2016 for a ceremonial evening meet at the travelling stock route across from Velyaama gate entrance at 10am

Please bring your own food and camping gear. No pets allowed (due to permit) please RSVP (below) by Friday 4th February.

February is a special time for our emu ceremonies . Because Whitehaven Maules creek is planning to clear the forest and our sacred place will be destroyed as a result. This will be the last time we are able to hold this ceremony- ambient lights of the mine, the clearing of the forest will forever destroy the footprint of our ancestors and the dreaming of our belief systems.

Given that many people will be in the region at the time we invite you to peacefully and respectfully join us for this sacred ceremony.

IMPORTANT: This RSVP is specifically for the Emu Ceremony. This Ceremony is by the Gomeroi people and is not associated with Frontline Action on Coal. Your details will be forwarded to the Gomeroi organisers.

If you are also attending the Return of the Bats, please RSVP on the Return of the Bats page. This RSVP also includes transport, car pooling information and allows us to plan logistics to ensure you are well fed and looked after.