Contact Whitehaven Coal and NSW Politicians

Keep the pressure on Pru! Stop the Spring Slaughter here!

Pru Goward MP – Minister for Planning
Phone (02) 9228 5413
[email protected]

We need to keep the pressure on for the government to withdraw the approvals for mining in the Leard Forest. We are especially targetting Pru Goward at the moment

Things to say to Pru:

“Whitehaven’s Maules Creek mining approvals need to be put on hold and the links between alleged illegal political donations by Nathan Tinkler – currently an area being investigated by ICAC – and the links to the then project operator, Aston Coal, are properly understood. This project cannot proceed with a cloud of corruption over it.”

“The offsets that Whitehaven have purchased are substandard, and this is continually proven by their continued purchasing of new properties. These properties are not like for like and there will not be enough hollows to support the animals displaced by coal mining in the Leard.””

Other NSW Government Ministers

Mike Baird MP – Premier
Phone (02) 9228 5239

Rob Stokes MP – Minister for the Environment
Phone (02) 9228 5253
[email protected]

Anthony Roberts MP – Minister for Resources and Energy
Phone (02) 9228 5289
[email protected]

Kevin Humpheries MP – Minister for Natural Resources, Lands and Water
Phone (02) 9228 5248
[email protected]

Whitehaven Coal

Head Office phone 02 8507 9700
Twitter: $WHC

Chairman of Whitehaven Coal
Mark Vaile – c/o “Vaile and Associates” Business Advisors/Corporate Consulting
Phone 02 6550 5798
Mobile: 0418 229 227
[email protected]


If using Twitter – please use #LeardBlockade