Whitehaven Coal Shutdown – Act Up 5: Shenanigans

Maules Creek Mine – SHUT DOWN for over 2 hours

Tarrawonga Mine – SHUT DOWN for over 6 hours

Rocglen Mine – SHUT DOWN for over 6 hours

 Gunnedah Coal Handling and Processing Plant – SHUT DOWN for 9 hours

Newcastle – the world’s largest coal port – SHUT DOWN for an 1.5 hours

 Werris Creek mine – SHUT DOWN for over 9 hours

Sydney Snap Rally

In one of Australia’s largest and most ambitious protests against export coal, over 150 people have come out in force today across six locations to protest Whitehaven Coal’s new Maules Creek coal mine. They are calling on the NSW government to put an immediate stop to work at the mine and audit the approval process that allowed this controversial project to proceed.

Spokesperson for the Leard Forest Alliance, Helen War, said, “There are too many question marks plaguing this development. Dubious federal approvals, corrupt political dealings and blatantly bodged offsets make the Maules Creek project the most spectacular failure of democratic process.”

Every open cut mine owned by Whitehaven Coal in the Gunnedah Basin has been shut down by protesters. Whitehaven’s Coal Handling plant has also been shut down. Sites include:

  • Maules Creek coal mine: where 4 people have locked themselves to access points
    • UPDATE 9AM: One activist has been cut off, arrested and taken to Narrabri Police Station. 4 People locked themselves to gates and blocked entrances leading into Whitehaven Coal’s controversial Maules Creek mine in the Leard State Forest. Police Rescue were immediately onsite and cut off and arrested 1 activist, Austen Graham.
  • Werris Creek coal mine: 2 people have scaled the coal loader and have dropped a banner
    • UPDATE 3PM: Police Rescue on site. Papatya Danis (24) and Hayley Sestokas (29) have both been arrested. They occupied the coal loader and prevented trains from being loaded for over 9 hours.
  • Tarrawonga coal mine: a person has climbed a tripod structure to block access with 3 more chained across the road
    • UPDATE 9:30AM: All four activists have been removed from the lock on devices and the tripod. They have all been arrested and taken to Narrabri Police Station. The ‘Climate of Corruption’ tripod and three people using pipe locks blocked workers from entering and coal laden trucks from leaving Whitehaven Coal’s Tarrawonga mine for over 6 hours. Police rescue arrived on site and 4 people – Laura Mastwyk, Jack Lonergan, Peter Donley (65) and Bronwyn Vost (65).
  • Rocglen coal mine: 2 people have chained themselves to the access gate
    • UPDATE 10:30AM: Two activists have been cut off and arrested – John Sheridan (73) and Rae Sheridan (70)
  • Gunnedah CHPP: 2 people have chained themselves to the access gate
    • UPDATE 2pm: Two activists have been cut off and arrested. Timothy Buchanan (28) and Andrew Lenart (51) were both arrested. After the activists were removed a backlog of over 25 trucks quickly entered the premises – dismissing any claims by Whitehaven Coal that only minor disruptions  were experienced.

Ms War added, “We need real action on climate change. This is what direct action looks like.”

Further Information:
Helen War Leard Forest Alliance Spokesperson 0431 930 428

MEDIA UPDATE – Leard Forest Alliance – World’s Largest Coal Port – SHUT DOWN!

  • BREAKING 10:30AM: A 27 year old man has shut down the rail line leading to Kooragang Island in Newcastle – home of the world’s largest coal export terminal. The man is chained to the rail line in a protest against the climate of corruption surrounding Whitehaven Coal’s Maules Creek Mine.
    • Newcastle rail line was blocked by 27 year old Samuel Jackson for over 90 minutes. Similar actions in the past have cost the entire coal export industry several million dollars.
  • Multiple arrests this morning in Gunnedah Basin region protests.

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