Day 350 And so we wait

Hi all.

For those of us in Sydney, this Tuesday, July 23rd, Jonathan will be appearing in Downing St Local Court.

Jonathan has now been charged under the Corporations Act for his action that exposed ANZ Bank’s funding of mining activities. Mining activities that threaten prime agricultural land and the health and survival of Koala populations in the Leard State Forest in NSW.

We are inviting all friends and community members to attend a silent vigil as a gesture of support for Jonathan. We ask that those wishing to attend dress in a manner appropriate for court.

Back at base camp, we’re still waiting for Whitehaven coal to bring in the heavy machinery  and work force. Whilst there has been little activity in the Leard State Forest, this may change by tomorrow (Monday 22). As soon as we see them start the alarm will go out, so hold your fire until you see the whites of their eyes, well until we see the yellow of their machines !!!!!

The camp numbers are slowly building up and all are welcome!There are a few phone Tree’s on the go; facebook, or register here .

Thankyou for your continuing words and actions of support. We, the people, will win this. They will not open cut the Leard State Forest !!!!!!

Stand and Protect

Love and Respect