What to Bring to a Blockade Camp

Ever wondered what to bring to a blockade camp? Please check this list of essential items below. To save on packing space, why not try to collaborate with your friends to share on items like tents and sunscreen etc. to lighten your load. If you plan on bringing personal food that needs refrigeration, please bring an esky as there is only room for communal food in the fridges.

What to bring:

  • torch
  • personal water bottle – there is drinking water on site
  • tent – why not share with some friends?
  • sleeping mat and sleeping bag – bring an extra blanket.
  • warm clothes – it can get cold at night – thermals are a good idea.
  • a hot water bottle – so good on a chilly night.
  • wet weather gear – you never know when it may rain!
  • good, sturdy shoes and thongs – there are some prickles around
  • towel
  • cup, plate, bowl and cutlery
  • some photo ID – if you plan on getting arrested, then this will speed up the process (of course your choice)
  • cash – anything you can contribute to the camp’s costs – suggestion is $10 per day
  • smart phones and chargers – there are solar recharging facilities on site
  • snacks – protein snacks like muesli bars, nuts, trail mix or any treats that will keep you happy
  • sunscreen
  • mosquito repellent
  • a costume for actions and some camouflage gear (optional)


Awesome extras

  • ideas for actions or ideas to make our actions more creative
  • cameras (video and picture) and microphones to record actions
  • laptop if you have media and communications skills/want to learn
  • hand made signs/banners about the campaign (we are trying to avoid branding and NGO logos)
  • good, roadworthy 4WD cars that can help transport people around the forest
  • your skills – think about what skills you have and how you might use them to help the campaign
  • Let us know if you have first aid, mechanical, welding, climbing or electrician skills.


Wishlist of stuff that will help us a lot

We have a wishlist of desirable items that will help us all a lot – check the wishlist and  bring any of these items or skills.



If this is your first time to a blockade camp, you may find this handy guide useful.