Camp FLAC 101 ( days )

Hello to all,

The last 10 days have been quite bussy, starting with a protest in Tamworth on Monday, telling the Sate Government what we think of the lies and broken promises made by them to get elected !!!.

Then the K team have been out and about documenting Koala habitat. A big thank you to Dave, Tania, Marg and Barry. That all done, we get a call from the ABC and Cate Faehrmann   letting us know that they will be out here on Thursday , can we show them a Koala ?? they asked , so Dave and Tania drop  every thing and come back out to camp, looking for 2 days for a Koala. An  hour be for the ABC news arrive They find one , just in the nick of time.

Reaching out for help

The ABC news :

The next day Mystery Dingo Tours ran a  small non profit Activism Tour from the Porcupine Ridge in Gunnedah, the home of Red Chief. Some time in the 17th century a great warrior name Red Kangaroo ( later Red Chief ) defended his much loved tribe and country, against enemy tribes. Winning many battles with few warriors. Inspired by these old storeys we went to the FLAC camp to yarn around the fire. The next two days we saw the beauty of the Leard State Forest, and the mindless deconstruction of an open cut coal mine… the last day was spent with Tony Packard in the Pilliga State Forest looking at Santos half hatred attempt at cleaning up there environmental disaster.

So sitting back at camp on the 101 first  day, all quite now, listing to the wind in the trees,and the birds singing there songs, the constant drone of heavy mining equipment and the odd blast sending tremors in to the great Mother.

Thinking of the many  that have come to the camp, and the many new faces to come, locals near and far. Knowing what is worth saving and fighting for drives us on with passion. Many walks of life united in one great voice ” Save Our Forest”

The words ” never has so few given to so many” comes to mind.

Murray Drechsler