One Year 18 days

Hi all ,

WOW it has been an amazing week !!!!! Starting with Snot MacDonald and his very quick visit to camp, we disagreed on much and agreed on more than he would admit !!

Then there was Agquip with many from the northern rivers  to help out with Coal Seam Gas with a staunch gathering of 35 other community groups at the northwest alliance stall. so much fun was had by all and so good to catch up with crew from home. Something also BIG  has happened in camp which will come to fulfillment in a week or so, so stay tuned, our voice in the forest will  be a ROAR!!

Nothing much has happened on the mine front, NO WORK has started as yet, which is great news, still keeping a very close eye on all things in the Leard Forest, so as soon as we see the machinery, the alert will be raised, then ALL hands on deck.  A work crew is now needed in camp so if you can get here please do! phone me on 0418 754 869 if you can get out to the Leard State Forest.

Someone asked me  what has been the hardest thing about being in camp so far over the last year ????  I had to think about it for a while………….. well it was when Boggabri Coal  “Idemitsu ” who started their  2013 clearing from January to june this year , before the new fence went up blocking off DIP road, Standing there watching the Habitat trees get knocked over. All the undergrowth is taken out  first with a 24 hr break then all the saplings are taken and smaller trees,  Habitat trees, the ones with hollows and of good size, are marked with a big red H. I call them home trees, home of the bird’s, possum’s, many bats, squirrel gliders, all gone, to be replaced by a BIG hole in the  Leard State Forest never to be fixed..  forever lost to King Coal. Going back  that evening seeing the many birds fly around trying to find their homes that were there in the morning, now gone !!!

Idemitsu will be doing more clearing along with Whitehaven’s Maules Creek project in the near future, WE can stop this and are doing our best to do so , the last line of defence is US taking nonviolent direct Action  NVDA so be ready to come out to camp !!!

Views from the Leard State Forest

Views from the Leard State Forest                

big boggabri hole

big boggabri hole

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