DAY 354 First evacuation of camp

hi all

Tarrawonga let go a loud blast , we checked wind direction, there was a good chance we would be in the path of the plume so we EVACUATED the camp for the first time  in 354 days,  The both mines blast every two days so evacuating the camp  once in nearly a year is a blessing. So far so good

The blast cousing the camp evacuitin

The blast causing the camp evacuation 

Whitehaven is very slow in starting constitution their hole in the ground, as so as they start with the big yellow monsters we will raise the alarm so stay posted…..

there has been a lot in the news about Whitehaven, legal challenge’s and protesters in court !!!!  Most of this is posted on Front line Action on Coal    or the Maules Creek Community Council

The big news that the camp at the front line will be turning one on the 5th of August 11 days away, would love to see you all here if you can … If you can not make it for that week end give me a call (muzz) on 0418 754 869 there may be a way of having an celebratory action near where you live …

Stand and Protect


Love and Protect