482 days in the Leard State Forest

Hi all,

It has been a long two weeks with lots going on behind the scenes, and up-ing the action ante last Tuesday 12th, with the action really stopping the traffic horse

Then on Wednesday this hit the Australian dropping Whitehaven Coal’s share price just a bit more. Whitehaven .
pics of the action

GetUp!’s National Day of Climate Action was on Sunday 17th and we joined in by holding a BBQ in Boggabri followed by an action outside Whitehaven’s Tarrawonga main gate. We were joined at Tarrawonga by eco warriors from the Northern Rivers who had travelled down to join the struggles in the Piliga and Leard.

The 19th was one of the biggest days the Leard State Forest has seen with Phil Laird from the MCCC putting out a call to others who want to help with the fight to join us. On the same day the MCCC and Lock the Gate referred Whitehaven Coal to ASIC for misleading the share market about their offsets. Making false and misleading statements to affect the share price is the same thing ASIC are going after Jonathan for. It will be interesting to see if ASIC actually goes after a corporation rather than going after individuals. Both NBN and Prime came out to camp to interview Phil, Muz and others about the new developments. Phill Leard Whitehaven
action pics

So as you can see we are very busy in the camp. Even though the Maules Creek project has not started clearing the forest, work has begun on the rail loop which will connect Whitehaven and Idemitsu to the main railway. The clearing of the forest may not happen until after the court has made their decision!! The decision may be issued any day now so GET your bags packed folks and make plans to be in the Leard State Forest very soon. We will be issuing a red alert when Whitehaven starts moving in on the forest but there is a lot of work and planning to be done before that. If you can make it up to camp before we issue the red alert we strongly urge you to do so. Best we be on the offensive rather than the defensive!

Stand And Protect
Love and Respect