440 days Leard State Forest Camp

Thank you to Benny Zable Hi all,
Things are moving along nicely, with the Leard Listen Up going very well with many new face’s and many old ones, we are becoming one big family joining together for the good of all.
It was also good to have quite a few people stay for several days after the gig to help with the actions.

We are getting ready for Wronghaven to start knocking down the Leard State Forest in the next week or so. When they do start there will be a red alert put out so stay tuned. Also, we still need help in camp with preparations, so if anyone has any spare time we would love to see you here.

If we can ask for the Leard State Forest to be called Leard State Forest and not just Leard Forest, that would be great. This is important for a few reasons;
* The Forest Corporation should not get off so lightly for leasing our forest’s to destuctive mining.
*By calling it a State Forest it becomes our forest, the people’s forest, for which we, the people, must take responsibility for. If we destroy these State Forest’s there will be nothing left for our grandchildren or their grandchildren.
* Leard State Forest is easier to find on Google maps.
* IF this can happen in the Leard State Forest then all other State Forest’s are in danger as well!!!!!!

We have not inherited this earth from our ancestors, we have borrowed it from our children.

Stand and Protect,
Love and Respect.