How can I help from home?

Not everyone has the opportunity to come out to camp. If this is you and you still want to help, there are plenty of things you can do from home. Here are some of an endless list of things you could do. Also dont forget to check out the awarness/fund raising page for more exciting ideas.

Paint some Banners

Banner painting can be plenty of fun. Its a great job for families too. When we receive a banner we get a huge reminder that were not the only ones who care. It also comes as a releif as it’s one less thing we have to do. Experience has shown that great banners get great attention and not so great banners get much less attention. Due to this we do ask banner painters to be quite particular with their work. A great way to make a great banner is to mark and outline where each letter will be before painting. Pictures are great but remember the aim is for the banner to be big, bold and readable. Unless of course its a picture only banner.
Wahoo thanks banner painters 🙂
Check our contact page for a postal address.

Make costumes

Costumes are always useful for fun actions that can involve everyone. They can be used heaps of times and also be reused all over the country. Animals are particularly fun and of course we prefer animals who are in Leard State Forrest. Some examples are:

  • bat (there are a variety of species here being long eared bat and pied bat)
  • a koala
  • pale headed snake
  • Barking Owl
  • Turquoise Parrot
  • Swift Parrot
  • Squirrel Glider
  • You could make a White Box which is the dominant tree of the Critically Endangered Ecological Community found in Leard State Forest.
  • I’m sure we could also find something great to do with a bulldozer costumeJust google some images and you’re on your way.

Take some photos

You could make a quick (but still great) sign, take a photo and post it on facebook or twitter. Check our contact page for deails. For a bit of extra fun you could dress up as animals as well (see above under ‘make costumes’ for some good dress up ideas). This is another great one for the whole family.

Organise a bus

Get a whole crew up here to support the action.




I’m sure there are so many more ideas out there so please don’t feel like this is all you can do. All ideas have potential! Also lots of these ideas can be combined. You’re imagination is the limit!