About Front Line Action on Coal


Front Line Action on Coal’s #LeardBlockade is the first coal mine blockade camp in Australia. The #LeardBlockade started 5 August 2012 in the Leard State Forest, but is now situated at Wando (Cliff Wallace’s farm in Maules Creek).

Front Line Action on Coal is part of the Leard Forest Alliance.

The #LeardBlockade aims to protect farms, forest, community, culture and the climate from Whitehaven Coal’s proposed Maules Creek mine and other coal mining operations in the Leard State Forest.

Hundreds of people have made history by visiting the #LeardBlockade and participated in a variety of activities to show opposition to this destructive project. We invite you to do the same!

Front Line Action on Coal is committed to community led, non-violent direct action. Please check here for a participants’ agreement for the campaign.

Contact Us with any questions about Leard State Forest or if you would like to to discuss the campaign.

The government has failed us and now we have little option left but to take action ourselves.