Awareness and/or fund raising

There are endless possibilities when it comes to awareness and fund raising events. are a great organisation who will help with your events if you need some extra direction. You can register you fundraiser with them and they will help advertise with their social media conection. They can also possibly link you up with other active people in your area. Please check out and contact  [email protected] for some extra help. Your local non-government organisation might help you out by printing flyers and social networking. It’s worth droping in to see how they can help.

Also we do currently need more bodies in camp so if possible, it’s a good idea to aim your events at bringing people here. Maybe before your event you could do some transport research so at the event you can tell people how to get there. You can find public transport info on our public transport page. Another possibility to look into is car pooling and minibus hire.

Here is some of a list of endless event possibilities:


Turn your hobby into an awareness/fund raising event

Be it yoga, footy, pub night, circus, or cooking group.. its a group. The groups interest can be a good basis for creating an event. This way your likely to have some participants before you delve your advertising into the wider community. This way is particularly good if your focusing more on funds than awareness.


Get involved in what’s already going on!

Check with these groups:

Link to organise an info/story night event:

National Organising Space

or email [email protected]

Quit Coal Sydney:
email [email protected]

email [email protected]

email [email protected]

Also check in with your local non-government organisation (Greenpeace, Wilderness Society) offices and see what they’re up to and if you can get involved.


Movie screening

Everyone loves a good movie night with their mates. Get your mates to tell their mates about an inspirational movie screening event your having. You could also print some flyers to put around town. You could have a set price or ask for a donation entry. You could do it at your home, in a cafe or town hall. Wherever you think is the most appropriate place for your event. If you’re having a private event, you could do some baking and sell your baked goods for some extra funding. We could try to find someone in your area to speak about what its like in camp.

Check out our Campaign materials and resources for helpful info.


Dance party/ band night / Punk gig

What better excuse for a PARTY!?!?!?
Gather your musical mates and find a date that suits them. Find a venue. If your using a venue that sells alcohol, maybe they’ll donate some of the alcohol profits to the cause? They also may not work but any thing’s worth a try
Maybe you could make it a theme night?

Simple old advertising

This one’s really easy. Print out some flyers and leave them in your favourite cafe, local notice board, train station, bus stop. Wherever they might get looked at. Its a great idea to just have them in your handbag/backpack/car/bike basket so you have them with you wherever you go cause chances are you’ll find the best spot when your least expecting it.


Market stall

Rise with the sun and take some info to the people of your town.
You will need at least 2 people, a table, a tin for donations, and possibly a marquee/gazebo/shade tent.
You will also need information such as:

  • Maps of Leard State Forest showing where the mine is already dug, where the forest is cleared and where the other Whitehaven and Idemitsu
  • Mines and mine plans are located.
  • Camp info – how to get here, how we operate, what we need.
  • Whitehaven’s and Idemitsu’s plans.
  • How these plans affect the land, wildlife and locals
  • The bigger picture.. why this coal is so important to the government
  •  A list of websites with great info.
  •  You could also advertise other upcoming events

Some markets will require you to have market insurance but not all so don’t be discouraged.


Street canvass

Stand on the street with a bunch of pamphlets and inform the public of the current horrifying situation.
This will be very similar to a market stall but without the stall or the market. The only paper you need is the information you want people to take home and a little something to back up your points (helps to have this on a very official looking clip board). The rest of the info comes from your mouth to their ears.

This job takes a very socially skilled person. You have to reman exciting and friendly. You will get lots of people ignoring you or telling you they’ll “catch you on the way back”. On the better side, you will also get people who will listen and every inspired person will inspire another.

If your lucky you may be someones last push to get involved. Don’t forget to look people in the eye and show them your honesty. It also helps to tell them pretty early on that there are no account debiting commitments to be made, you just want to share information. Although now iv’e said that, there’s always the option to take a tin for change donations.

This may involve some council approval or joining hands with your local NGO group


Screen printing

This could go many ways. You could start small, work out some cool images or use some you already have or some that you’ve already seen (of course you’ll gain permission first). Show off your great art by wearing it around and send some in to our crew here at camp Wando. (BTW it really cold out here so the warmer the better :)). If you want to take it further you could start selling them at the markets. This would probably work best if you combined it with an information marquee (^see above^).

If you’re still loving it and people are digging your stuff you could even start selling online!! Imagine that. The possibilities are endless!


Plenty of these ideas can be combined together and your other ideas can be included too. There are so many possibilities. Your imagination is the limit. Good luck 🙂