Wish List

If you’re headed to Bat Attack we’ve compiled a special list for this event! The regular wishlist is still applicable, but below is items more specific to this event:

Camp’s laptop recently died, so we’re desperaterly searching for another laptop! We’re not fussy, as long as it works and can connect to wi fi we’ll happily give it a home!

Handheld GPS devices
Refillable Water Tanks 5ltrs, 10ltrs or more (we’re after super big water containers as well)
Cameras, Photographers and Videographers!
Backpacks, preferably large, hiking size
Camo netting, camo material, camo tents
Tarps 1.8 x 2.4 for Tree Sits (or similar, short edge of tarp ideally should be the same length as a single bed frame)
4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm poly

Metal bed frames
Long, thick, straight bamboo
Straight, metal poles
Metal pipe
D Locks
Old, unwanted, running cars

Banners and/or banner materials (paint, fabric, rip stop, etc)
Bat masks, bat costumes, bat themed decor, etc

Camp is very well stocked with rice, beans, lentils, etc at the moment. Any food you want to contribute is welcome! Bread, milk (long life), cheese, eggs, veggies and fruit are always a great thing to bring! Food that’s good for camping can be canned goods, museli bars, nuts, fruit, etc.
Have a look at the food section in the list below to get some more ideas.



If you’re heading out to camp, and you’d like to bring some gear to help, take a look at this list.
Items are in order of priority (within their categories).


  • Tarps! Any size from 4m x 5m, but 8m x 9m is a size we use often
  • Banner material: anything from your unused white sheets, to calico, to rip stop fabric
  • Banner paints: house paints are great, but acrylic is just a good. We use a lot of black paint for banners, white and primary colours
  • Solar panels
  • Deep cycle batteries
  • Heavy duty tent pegs
  • 10mm polyethylene rope, as large as possible
  • General rope for setting up tarp shelters, tents, etc
  • Power invertor
  • Battery-powered drill
  • Electric welder
  • G-clamps
  • Tools (if you have tools you no longer use and would like to donate bring them along)
  • Banners (with relevant, non-violent messaging)
  • Single bedframes.


A camp we eat communally, cooking over the fire and in our awesome kitchen! You have the opportunity to cook and lend a hand for every meal. We usually eat vegetarian at camp and ensure there is a vegan option. We eat meat on occasion so please feel free to bring meat and I’m sure you’ll have some very, very happy fellow meat eaters to share it with! If you have any other requirements and allergies let us know before you come so the kitchen crew can try to ensure there are options for you, alternatively feel free to bring along any food for yourself and use our kitchen to prepare it.

We rely on donations to feed our camp crew and all our incredible visitors. Below is a suggested list of foods we use regularly, but feel free to bring anything that tickles your fancy! You can donate at camp or here: http://leard.frontlineaction.org/donate/ 

  • Muesli bars, scroggin/trail mix, other portable, non perishable food
  • Eggs, bread, milk (and milk alternatives), butter, cheese, any of your standard groceries.
  • Cans! Beans, tinned tomatoes, Coconut milk/cream, veggies, etc
  • Fresh veggies!
  • Fruit!
  • Meat
  • Non-perishables, flour, pasta, rice, oats, etc
  • Bi-carb soda

Camping and hiking gear:

  • Canvas tents or sturdy tents for long term us
  • Camping mats and yoga mats
  • Camelback water packs (or similar)
  • Waterproof bush gear
  • Camo clothing
  • Tents/swags
  • Blankets
  • Sleeping bags
  • Raincoats
  • Thermals


  • Cameras, still and/or video, small or large they’re super handy (even if you have one to use while your here or are happy for someone else to borrow)
  • GO PRO style cameras!
  • GPS devices
  • Your old mobile phone
  • Old laptops

First Aid supplies:

  • Hydralite
  • Gastro-stop
  • Ankle support socks bandages
  • Heavy crepe bandages
  • Strapping tape
  • Scissors, tweezers, etc.
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Anything else to replenish consumables in 1st aid kits
  • General 1st aid supplies – everything helps
  • Small/medium portable first aid kits


  • Milk crates
  • Bio soaps for body washing, dish washing and clothes washing that are grey water safe
  • Legal resources (eg NSW law reference books)
  • Whiteboards and whiteboard markers
  • Good, roadworthy 4WD cars or utes
  • Comfrey plant – for da garden
  • Fire wood

If you have something you no longer need or want and are unsure if it would come in handy or not, give us a call! You never know what comes in handy at a blockade camp.

Thanks friends! We’ll see you soon!