United we stand

It has been a very slow in the FLAC camp in the last two weeks !!!

The wheat harvest has started and finished, all the locals have been flat out   getting the grain off the fields and to the silos, the before the summer storms hit.. It well be good to see these hard working farmers stop in for a cupa and a yarn around the camp fire ..

There has not been many at camp, giving  me time to think , feel and reflect on life . This Camp is a small part of the front line action on Coal , There has been many actions in Sydney around Open cut Coal Mining and the T4 in Newcastle, So good to see the posts and news   of there antics, a big thank you Colin Ryan and crew keeping the perisher on the government.

As well as in Sydney there has been many  actions in the northern rivers against Coal Seam Gas, The blockade in Glenugie    is going well and so good to see people standing there ground and standing strong. So many in NSW and Australia are having to do this.

This  keeps   me going, know that even if I am the only one in camp dose not mean that I am a lone!!! because we are united in a common fight against justness.

Before  I post this blog I would like to tell you about last saturday!!  A ute pulls into camp and five 20 or so years old pay the camp a visit, they are not happy with the mines, coming from farming back grounds  they have a feel for the land and the forest, they where good fun to have there energy in camp for the morning, it was not long before I had them wearing Koala hats, sun glasses and dust masks!! Ready for action !!! Then they were gone before I knew it , about 1/2 hour after that, 22 bird watchers visit came for lunch WOW how life can change form hour to the next ..


Stand and Protect

Love and Respect

murray drechsler