The full 360 days

hi all,

360 days in the Leard State Forest how time has flown, it’s been quite a journey of the soul

Back to ORANGE ALERT, The court has slowed Whitehaven coal’s Mules Creek project  to a halt for at least two weeks.  

So that takes the pressure off the ground crew giving us time to celebrate the one year anniversary of the camp this Monday 5th. All welcome to come and celebrate this milestone  with us !!!!  Party up wile we can!!!  Whitehaven’s share price is not looking good at all BUT Idemitsu “Boggabri Coal” is  still mining in the heart of the State Forest and seems harder to slow down.

But enough from me, here’s a guest post from another of our intransient ferals, jeromeo:

You can’t stay away from a place like this. Eventually the clutches of the city loosen and you can escape back to the bush. Back to the birdsong and the ‘beep beep beep CRUNCH’ as the haul trucks and excavators play out their mating dance. Back to the unbroken sky, pierced only by  the yellow plumes of explosives fumes, rising up with a deafening crack. Back to the ancient trees on death row. The living ecosystems nestled amongst their roots less valuable than the carbon of their ancestors, laid down millennia ago.  It’s a timeless place, where time moves too fast. From the right vantage point you can watch as a new hill rises up, a new valley is carved out, and the water that has sustained the valley for an eternity is drained away. Animals nestled in hollow trees wake up to find their homes dumped in the middle of fields, one day the locals will wake up to find their own homes just as unliveable.
But until then the unwashed feral hordes will bear witness to the last days of this magical forest. And we will fight to keep what we can from the overburden piles.

Stand and Protect

Love and Respect