Take the Pledge to Stop Shenhua

stopshenhuaThe Shenhua Watermark Coal Project is proposed to be located near Breeza, NSW on the highly productive Liverpool Plains. This new threat to land, water and Gomeroi culture is just 80km from the Leard State Forest – where FLAC’s last great stand against the coal industry was taken. Front Line Action on Coal have now made a pledge to stand against coal in the Liverpool Plains, a pledge to Stop Shenhua – And now we ask you to do the same!

We invite you to make a pledge to be part of a campaign of non-violent direct action to Stop Shenhua in its tracks. This will involved mobilising in the cities and when the time is right – joining locals at the front line. City, country and traditional owners united in another showdown as we fight to protect land, water and culture from coal.
Breeza camp
Please click here to book to come visit Camp Breeza near the site for a tour. Please note this is not a full time camp at present and will only be operating on selected weekends (12 noon Friday through 12 noon Monday) for tours and a chance to connect with locals and country. Please do not show up unannounced as you may be turned back.

Take the pledge to protect land, water and culture from Shenhua’s Watermark Coal project.