Mine construction interrupted by Leard Forest blockade

BREAKING: Construction work on Whitehaven’s controversial Maules Creek coal mine in north west NSW has again been halted as the ongoing conflict over the mine reaches its eleventh day.

A bulldozer that had been pushing the first cutting into Leard State Forest for a new road to make way for the coal mine has been halted by a young man who is attached to it and refusing to leave.

A blockade was established on Monday last week to stop construction of the mine and prevent the clearing of thousands of hectares of critically endangered woodland in the Leard State Forest to make way for it.

The blockade is expected to swell in the coming days, as people travel to the area from around the country to join local farmers, Traditional Owners and environmentalists who have been protesting at the site and calling for a stop work order from Federal Environment Minister, Greg Hunt.

These actions come after many years of campaigning by the local community, Traditional Owners, and environmentalists to protect Leard State Forest and the nearby farming community of Maules Creek from open-cut coal mining.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Lock-on was removed and young man taken to police station, after halting the bulldozer clearing for the day.




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