Leard treetop protest reaches 143 hours; “unlawful” clearing decision due today

The ongoing tree-sit vigil in a marked area of the Leard State Forest passed its 143rd hour this morning, with 23-year-old tertiary science educator Samuel Cooper taking up residence in the canopy. He is the third person to take up the post to continue the tree watch over Whitehaven Coal’s imminent clearing in that area, and is calling for an immediate halt to work pending the outcome of a legal injunction, which will be heard later today.

Before climbing into his position up a tree, Mr Cooper said “Fossil fuel extraction and the clearing of critically endangered woodlands are both completely unacceptable at this time in history.”

The Maules Creek Community Council lodged a legal case on Friday claiming that Whitehaven’s Maules creek project contravenes the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, breaching development consent with a last-minute change to clearing permissions.

Leard Forest Alliance spokesperson Helen War said “This clearing has no social license, and nor does coal anymore. It’s important that this destruction cease immediately, or we’ll lose the Leard State Forest entirely in vain.”

Justice Biscoe’s decision regarding the winter clearing in the forest is expected by 4pm today.

Further Information:
Helen War
Leard Forest Alliance Spokesperson
0431 930 428

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