Day 320 Keeping the Coal in the hole

Hi all,

The news has been full of keeping the Coal in the hole  with the Climate Commission’s latest report saying  Australia must phase out coal power and Coal  mining in order to slow down climate change. We know that !!! many other country’s  know that as well, But the mining  and the State and Federal government’s seem intent on arguing that the world is flat !!! All the science is telling us, the environment is telling us, The price of coal it self is falling and falling and most other Country’s are moving away from Coal, and here we are in denial with the PM with her head up you know wear…….

So we still stand up for what is right, and we still camp in the Leard Sate Forest in protest against the mine’s contempt for the environment, Farmers and there workers. With the Leard Listen up just over a week away,will see many visitors experiencing  the Leard State Forest for the fist time and others that have retuned to have fun peace full protest.  It will be cold this time of year so bring your winter woolly’s !!! we have had our first frost a few day ago!!!!  The week end after that we have the Leard and Pilliga tour, If you are reading this blog then you know all about the Leard State Forest and the Coal mines, The Pilliga State Forest is under threat from Coal Seam Gas thanks to Santos, on the tour we will see the unrepairable damage done by CSG and some of the beauty of the area such as the Sand stone caves and Dandry Gorge

There is still much to do and can be done, so let the Forest be your play ground and join in the fun… a few things planed further  on down the track are; a weekend of Yoga in the Forest and on the 5th of August will be here one year !!!!! HAPPY BIRTH DAY Front Line Action on Coal, there will be a party the Mines wont forget, see you all here for that one !!!

until next time

Stand and Protect

Love and Respect