DAY 172

People are  coming into camp!! so good seeing old friend again, and looking forward to meeting new ones.

So this is what we are up against, two open cut coal mines.. The first one is the Tarrawonga open cut coal mine  owned by Whitehaven Coal, right on the border of the Leard State Forest, was opened in 2001

The second open cut coal mine is the Boggabri Coal mine, This is too an open cut mine about 3km by 4 km pit  in the Leard State Forest and it is getting bigger, and Bigger  IF Thayer extension is a approved at the end  of this month it will devastate   1/4 of the Forest. This Environmental disaster has been operating for 6 long years, they have been using very cheep and nasty basting explosive, which contains impurities like:- Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, these heavy metals accumulate in the environment and is very toxic to all live forms..

And last but not least the Maules Creek Open Cut Coal Project which every one NOW knows about, and if this other Environmental disaster is approved it will take out the other 1/2 of the Leard State Forest endangering the wild life, and the farming community of Maules Creek.  THIS CAN BE STOPPED !!!! AND MUST BE STOPPED !!!!!

So come and spend some time in the Leard State Forest and put an end to this mindless madness.


Stand And Protect

Love and Respect