Canberrans ready to ‘tackle’ the coal problem

The Maules Creek local community and the Leard Blockade camp are joined this weekend by a contingent of 30 Canberrans including Australian Wallabies Rugby Player David Pocock, ANU Professor of Astrophysics Frank Briggs and ANU Philosophy lecturer Bruin Christensen.

The group is here to highlight that the Maule’s Creek mine will not only destroy an endangered box-gum forest, desecrate sacred Gomeroi sites, impact water supplies and damage community health, but will affect the global community by locking in further dependence on dirty fossil fuel emissions.

A fellow Canberran and IPCC contributing author, Professor Colin Butler, was arrested on Wednesday for his protest at the Gunnedah Coal Handling Plant in an effort to highlight the impacts of coal on the health of local and global community.

Pocock, Briggs, Christensen and the rest of the Canberra contingent are using the visit to call on the ACT Government to cease investing in Whitehaven Coal and to join the rapidly growing fossil fuel divestment movement.

Further Information:
Phil Evans
Leard Forest Alliance spokesperson
0490 064 139