Bat Attack Check List

So you are coming out to defend a forest and take on the coal industry!
What will you need to bring?

Here is a rough guide…

  • torch – head torches are preferable
  • personal water bottle/camel back (enough to have 3 litres with you at all times – it’s going to be hot!) – there is drinking water on site
  • tent/swag – why not share with some friends?
  • sleeping mat and sleeping bag
  • warm clothes – it can get cold at night – thermals are a good idea.
  • wet weather gear – you never know when it may rain!
  • good, sturdy shoes and thongs – there are some prickles around
  • cup, plate, bowl and cutlery
  • some personal food. while we are catering for people to a degree it as advisable to be a little self sufficient.
  • garbage bags – all rubbish goes home with you
  • GPS, compass, binoculars are all super handy
  • some photo ID – if you plan on getting arrested, then this will speed up the process
  • cash – anything you can contribute to Bat Attack’s costs – suggestion is $10 per day
  • smart phones & camera phones and chargers – there are solar recharging facilities on site
  • snacks – protein snacks like muesli bars, nuts, trail mix or any treats that will keep you happy
  • Any personal medication you might need. It’s a great idea to bring a personal first aid kit – make sure you include some hydralyte so you don’t get dehydrated!
  • Babywipes or similar – shower facilities are going to be limited or nonexistent. Babywipes are a good alternative to keep you relatively clean
  • sunscreen
  • mosquito repellent
  • bright, fun costumes and outfits
  • hoola hoops, instruments and any other fun things
  • notebook/diary
  • ideas for actions or ideas to make our actions more creative
  • cameras (video and picture) and microphones to record actions
  • laptop if you have media and communications skills/want to learn
  • hand made signs/banners about the campaign (we are trying to avoid branding and NGO logos)
  • good, roadworthy 4WD cars that can help transport people around the forest
  • your skills – think about what skills you have and how you might use them to help the campaign
  • Let us know if you have first aid, mechanical, social media, media, welding, climbing or electrician skills.

Please remember this is a drug and drunk free event, and there is likely to be a police presence in the area.
Before coming up please read the participation agreement
If you have any worries contact us at [email protected]