Aerial photos from 22/08/2014

These photos show all of the work done within the Maules Creek mine site to date. What’s most alarming is that this is only roughly 1/7th of the forest that is to be cleared. While it may be daunting to to see what has already been done, it is a reminder of how much more there is still to do.

Through civil disobedience we have already significantly delayed this project. According to the Australian, Whitehaven were originally scheduled to be in digging for coal by the end of 2012 and exporting at the start of 2013. Now, at this crucial part of construction, Whitehaven Coal are exhausting their funds, without any coal being produced, meaning this is the perfect time to stop them in their tracks.

If you have been contemplating coming out to the #LeardBlockade, now is the time. For more info on how you can put an end to this destruction go to
Enough is enough! come out to the #LeardBlockade and help make history 🙂