ActUp 4

18th -> 28th of April  #leardblockade

That is right! 10 days of action to stop one of the largest coal mines in Australia from being built!

Join us at Camp Wando with the local community to fight for farms, forests, culture and the climate.

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Help Protect the Leard State Forest

The campaign to protect the Leard State Forest and to stop Whitehaven Coal’s Maules Creek coal mine is going from strength to strength as our numbers grow. Hundreds of people have now visited the forest and participated in a variety of activities to show opposition to this destructive project.

The government has failed us and now we have little option left but to take action ourselves.

Gather your friends and family and come on out to join us for the third event of this kind at Maules Creek, help us make this the biggest one yet.

The event will run from the Fri 18th of April – Tuesday 28th of April but we urge people to come early and stay as long as they can. There will be many roles to fill and every person, no matter how old, or how young counts.

Let’s stand together to show Whitehaven that we are going to continue to band together to stop this mine from destroying the forest, the Gomeroi’s culture, the land, the water and our future.

What can I expect there?

Picture a small remnant forest in rural NSW, rich with wildlife because there is so little of this type of habitat left. In just one night the campaign ecologist, Phil Sparks, trapped 250 bats of 10 different species. And these were some seriously cute bats.

Koalas and the endangered masked owls and many other amazing species of animals call the white box gums their home. The forest is also the home to sacredsites and burial grounds belonging to the local Gomeroi community.

Right now, heavy-earth moving equipment is sitting onsite with plans to bulldoze the forest and dig a large, open-cut coal pit, joining the two neighbouring pits.

The forest frontline is being held and protected by a very special community which includes the local Gomeroi people, local farmers and supporters from all around Australia and the World.

The diversity in the forest’s champions speak volumes:

Bill Ryan, a 91 year old Aussie WW2 veteran took direct action believing Climate Change is the biggest threat to the Australia he fought for in the great war.

75 year old Raymond McLaren, the owner of a manufacturing company that supplies the mining industry also took direct action, believing the coal industry has gone way too far.

A group of religious leaders, including a Buddhist monk, a Catholic priest and Uniting Church ministers, from the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change took direct action claiming it was their moral obligation to do so.


Have questions about Maules Creek Act Up? Contact Front Line Action on Coal

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Leard State Forest Coal Mines

Open-cut coal mining threatens to destroy more than half of the Leard State Forest. Two open-cut coal mines are already operating and have approval to expand further into Leard State Forest. A third open-cut coal mine is approved and expected to begin production in 2015.


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