Leard blockade action kit

So you have come and seen the forest destruction and have to do more but cannot stay in camp…

Or maybe you have seen our campaign from afar and want to help. Awesome.

Here is our handy guide to supporting the Leard State forest from afar. Here are the areas we need help and support with:

  • Mobilisation
  • Lobbying
  • City based direct action
  • Fund Raising
  • Awareness


We need as many people on the ground here at Maules Creek as possible to help us with actions and to support our camp. The larger the numbers, the more powerful our actions are and the more options we have in deploying actions.

Personally talk to your friends, family, colleagues and community. Usually people have questions and barriers that can be overcome with a good chat over a cuppa or beer. Your enthusiasm is infectious and they will be excited to follow your foots steps.

Any work around fund raising and awareness are great opportunities to meet people to discuss making the trip out here to join us.


Politicians make decisions and the finance community fund the companies such as Whitehaven. Personally contact politicians and urge them to remove there support and use their powers to block this insane project. At various times, there will be opportunities to submit submissions to various government processes. Please participate and make submissions on our behalf.

Without finance, Whitehaven will fold. Join the campaigns targeting their funders. Divest and tell your bank why. Create actions targeting the financiers of the mines.