494 days

Hi all,

So much exciting activity has happened in the last 12 days, I just hope I don’t miss anything out.  First of all, we have reason to believe that  we are really starting to put the pressure on Whitehaven, as they have started spouting off lies to the paper, indicating that we are an internationally funded camp . The local farmers are one of our greatest resources, assisting by providing food, fuel and informing us as much they can with their extensive knowledge of our natural surroundings.  However, if Whitehaven would like us to come clean, and disclose where we get the most funding, it is in fact the local tip.

On the 22nd the camp went out to Narrabri to help with the Coal Seam Gas protest in the Pilliga. Leaving our own battle to assist in another was inspiring to say the least, and proved to be an important reminder that it is not just the Leard State Forest under threat.  Watching our own team, as well as the Pilligans, working together and supporting each others causes, was an amazing reminder that we are all here for the same purpose, which overrides segregation, and encourages cooperation.

The rain came and halted work, giving us temporary relief from the constant screams of the machines, and the scattered coal dust filling our lungs.  This lead to frantic attempts to dig trenches, and a lot of well deserved  playing in the rain .

On the 28th we saw more protesting in Sydney with the Gomaroi people, leading the way for the protection of cultural and heritage laws, that the government are trying to dilute and gradually diminish.

Sydney protest

THE BIG NEWS is that the word is getting out about The Leard State Forest.  We now have the  Wilderness Society getting on board,  as well as Greenpeace , 350.org and 9 other environmental groups who will now be backing the forest, the protesters and the community.  With all this additional support, and so many positive plans for the future, a new website has now been created to centralize all this information.

Love and Respect

Stand and Protect